Top 5 Most Poisonous Animals to Eat ft

Top 5 Most Poisonous Animals to Eat

Food is significant for our survival. We generally focus on the taste of the food during eating anything. We don’t think about any health aspects of the food. People are now consuming even poisonous animals as their food. Such people are just too sticky to the concept that taste is everything. They don’t know or maybe they don’t want to know that eating such animals can cause their death. But, the trend of eating these animals is becoming famous day by day. Let’s have a look at the list of most poisonous animals to eat.

1. Pufferfish

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An extremely poisonous vertebrate to eat is Pufferfish. Some of its organs such as the liver and reproductive system are highly poisonous. The name of poison is tetrodotoxin, which can become the cause of paralysis, extremely high blood pressure and intense breathing problems which can lead a person towards death. But, “Fugu” is one of the famous dishes prepared by Pufferfish and people enjoy it happily without thinking about any danger of life. There is an apprenticeship of three years to learn and to become expert in removing its reproductive organ and liver properly and correctly because a poorly-prepared pufferfish will quickly poison any person with tetrodotoxin.

2. Spur-Winged Goose

Spur-Winged Goose
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African Spur-winged goose is another poisonous food. It is neither friendly nor very safe to eat. These gooses mostly eat poisonous blister beetles. In this way, their bodies have a high concentration of a poison which also has cooking resistance. Only 10mg of cantharidin is enough to kill any person. Many poisoning cases were reported after eating these gooses.

3. Snakes

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Snake soup is a common dish in China for centuries. Especially in the winter season, shredded snake soup is the most favorite soup among Chinese people. They use Pythons, Cobras and water snakes to make this little sweet and little spicy soup.  People very carefully removed the poison from the snake and make them edible. A slight mistake can cause the death of a human from cobra or phyton’s poison. But, people are not conscious related to these issues. They are just enjoying the taste.

4. Toads

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Toads are also extremely poisonous, but people find them tasty and in some countries especially in Vietnam it is a part of the cuisine. Similar to snake and pufferfish chefs, the chefs or people who deal with toads are highly specialized in removing its skin and some of its highly toxic organs before cooking them. A slight negligence in their cooking can cause struggling to walk, vomiting, intense breathing problems and even death.

5. Jellyfish

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Among 2,000 species of the jellyfish, most of them are poisonous and even every jellyfish is highly poisonous till its venomous parts are carefully removed and if they are not boiled or cooked properly. But, some of the jellyfishes are that much poisonous that if you swallow a little piece of its tentacle, you will die within a few hours.

It’s better to avoid eating these animals and creatures which bring harm to your health and can become the cause of your death also. Always be careful in the selection of your food. Taste is not everything, health and life are important.

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