Things That You Might Not Know About World War II

World War II was a bloody and brutal event. There is a good chance that you have seen all the Hollywood blockbuster movies that depict this time. While the movies try to get everything as authentic as possible, there are some things that are left out. Maybe they didn’t know these interesting facts or maybe they just neglected them, because it didn’t fit in with their story. Below you can learn some facts that you might did not know about WWII.

1. The first German killed in the war was actually killed by a Japanese soldier

2. A Russian killed the first American soldier.

3. Over 100,000 allied bomber pilots lots their loves over Europe.

4. In the United States, more servicemen died in the Air Corps than in the Marines.

5. A Polish midwife delivered over 3,000 babies at a concentration camp in Poland.

6. British soldiers got 3 sheets of toilet paper a day.

7. American soldiers got 22 sheets of toilet paper a day.

8. Three out of 4 men servicing on U-Boats lost their lives.

9. During the siege of Stalingrad, more Russian soldiers and civilians lives were lost that the US and British lost throughout the entirety of the war.

10. William Hitler who was Adolf’s nephew actually served in the US Navy during the war.

11. Adolph Hitler kept a picture of Henry Ford on his desk and Henry Ford did the same.

12. During the war, the largest Japanese spy syndicate was located in Mexico.

13. 85% of the POWs in Russian camps died.

14. The first bomb dropped on Berlin actually killed the only elephant located in the Berlin Zoo.

15. If the allies were going to drop a third bomb it was destined for Tokyo.

16. Anywhere from 50 to 70 million people lost their lives throughout the entirety of this bloody and brutal war.