The Strangest Facts About The Human Hand

Do you think you know your body better than anyone? Think again. The body is truly a wonderland and it is full of many mysteries. The human hand itself might be small, but it contains many strange facts that you’ve likely heard about.

1. Hand injuries are incredibly common. In fact, approximately a third of all acute injuries that require an emergency room visit will be directly associated with the upper extremities.

2. Have you ever wondered about the wrinkles located on the backside of your knuckles? They’re actually dimples. They pinpoint the area where the skin attaches to the tendon.

3. Did you know that you could actually be born with an extra finger? African American children are approximately ten times more likely to be born with an extra finger than Caucasian children.

4. The hand contains a large number of bones, joints and nerves. In total, it is home to 48 named nerves, 34 muscles, 29 major joints, and 29 bones. Even more surprising is that some people have more finger bones than others.

5. The thumb is actually one of the most complex fingers on the entire hand. It is controlled by 3 major hand nerves and 9 different muscles.

6. The human hand is one of the most unique parts of the human body, because it can prove our identity. Ever set of fingertips has ridges on them that are different from anyone else on the earth. These ridges have been known to help scientists and forensic experts identify individuals, by comparing them to fingerprints left at a crime scene.

7. When you smash your finger, you exhibit immediate pain. However, you probably did not know that the actual fingernail does not have any feeling. The pain is a result of the damaged nerves of the cuticle and fingertip pad. When the accident occurs, the nerves will transmit a signal to the brain, alerting the individual of the damage that has been done from the impact of the object.