The Craziest Facts About The Millionaire Vincent McMahon

If you’re a fan of wrestling, it is almost certain that you’re aware of Vince McMahon. How much do you really know about the WWE’s owner? Prepare yourself to be surprised!

1. Before becoming the mastermind of the World Wresting Entertainment company, Vince established the World Bodybuilding Federation. The establishment, which was created in 1990, went head to head with the International Federation of Bodybuilders.

2. At one time in the early 1990s, Vince had a brush with law and nearly went to jail. He was accused of selling and distributing steroids to his athletes. Nonetheless, Vince beat the charge in the end.

3. Vince is definitely a smart guy and he knows business very well. Did you know that he has a Business Administration degree? He obtained a degree in 1968 from the East Carolina University.

4. Believe it or not, Vince once owned a WWE-themed restaurant. The establishment, which was once called WWE New York, was opened in 1999. The restaurant’s top floor featured WWE merchandise, while the bottom floor provided fans with a place to hang out and watch WWE shows. The lease to the building was sold to the Hard Rock Café in 2003.

5. Vince barely knew his father growing up. In fact, he didn’t meet his real father until he was 12 years old.

6. Vince’s first move into the world of wrestling was a joint venture with former promoter Toots Mondt. The pair created the World Wide Wrestling Federation in 1963.

7. Vince once owned his own professional hockey team. Unfortunately, the Cape Cod Buccaneers were fairly terrible, so he gave up after just one season.

8. Vince has actually earned two stars on Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame.

9. Vince isn’t the only son. He has a very successful older brother. His brother, Rod, works in the steel industry.

10. Vince’s father actually forbade him from entering the ring. Nonetheless, he broke that rule numerous times.