Some Really Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Snakes

Some individuals just cringe at the sight or thought of a snake, while some people keep them as pets. Thanks to the bible snakes have embodied the very thought of evil for years now. Regardless, if you are a lover or a hater there are tons of interesting things that you probably didn’t know about snakes.

1. A snake’s head can still bite you after it has been decapitated.

2. A snake’s decapitated head usually contains large amounts of venom.

3. There are no snakes found in Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, or the North and South poles.

4. There are 725 venomous types of snakes.

5. There are only 250 venomous snakes that can kill humans with one bite.

6. The fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias throughout the world.

7. The mongoose is actually immune to snake venom.

8. The heaviest snake in the world weighs around 595 pounds, which is the anaconda.

9. The inland taipan is the world’s most venomous snake.

10. The death adder is the fastest striking snake with a striking speed of .15 seconds.

11. Snakes don’t have exterior ears, but their skin, muscles, and bones carry sound to their inner ears.

12. Rattlesnake rattles are made of the same material as human hair and fingernails.

13. The largest snake, which measures in at 30 feet in length is the reticulated python.

14. The smallest snake, which measures in at only 4 inches is the Leptotyphlops carlae.

15. According to scientific research, there are 3,100 known snake species.

16. Venomous snakes rarely utilize their venom for self-defense. Instead, they rely on it to subdue and kill prey.

17. The most famous snake species is the Anaconda, which is often utilized in horror movies to scare viewers.

18. The second most popular snake is the boa constrictor, followed by the Cobra and Garter snake.