Jaw Dropping Facts About Bacteria That You Need To Know About

As a child, it is almost certain you were taught a great deal about bacteria and germs. You understand that bacteria are bad. However, how much do you really know?

1. Want to decrease the quantity of bacteria on your hands? Use paper towels. Hand dryers will only blow more bacteria onto your hands!

2. It should be no surprise to learn that there are thousands and thousands of species of bacteria. Still, it is shocking to learn that scientists discovered more than 1,400 new species living in the human bellybutton in 2012.

3. During the Civil War, some soldiers developed wounds that light up in the dark. They weren’t magical. Instead, they were infected with bioluminescent bacteria.

4. Many years ago, there was a debate about the cause of stomach ulcers. A scientist answered the question by downing a bottle of a bacterium. He proved that ulcers were created by bacteria and went on to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

5. Shockingly, human feces consist mainly of dead and alive bacteria.

6. The United States Navy attempted to study wind currents by bursting bacteria-filled balloons over San Francisco in the 1950s. It didn’t work. However, doctors in the area did experience a major increase in urinary tract infections and pneumonia.

7. A single teaspoon of c. botulinum could potentially kill all humans in the United States.

8. Dog bites are surprisingly less harmful than human bites. This is the case, due to the number of bacteria found in the human mouth.

9. An average human will have approximately 2 to 5 pounds of bacteria in their body.

10. The term bacteria was first used in the 19th century by a German biologist by the name of Ferdinand Cohn.

11. Some bacteria are actually good. They can help you digest food, fertilize soil and even produce food.