Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know About Polar Bears

Interesting Facts That Everyone Should Know About Polar Bears

Polar bears are very unique creatures that reside in the Arctic Circle. These marine mammals have a preferred way of living that most people are not even aware of.

1. Polar bears build a new den every year, but the female prefers to utilize “old snow” to freshly fallen snow. The reason for this is not really known, but it is definitely an interested phenomena.

2. Newborn polar bear cub weighs a little more than one pound. The cub is born with colorless fur, which appears to be white.

3. An adult female polar bear weighs around 500 to 600 pounds, compared to a male of 775 to 1,200 pounds. The great size of the polar bear makes it larger than most wild animals, so they are only human prey.

4. Polar bears spend a lot of their time fishing in lakes, streams and ponds. For this reason, their fur is capable of repelling water and oil. When they get out of the lake, they will shake off the excess water, leaving their fur dry.

5. The polar bears favorite food is seal and they will spend hours trying to catch one to munch down on.

6. Mating season for polar bears is March through July, but the fertilized egg will not begin to develop until September.

7. Polar bears are different than brown bears, because they do not hibernate throughout the winter. However, the female will den with her offspring.

8. Polar bears are protected from the cold weather, by two layers of fur. However, the extra layer of fur puts the polar bear at risk of overheating.

9. Polar bears are notable for using their paw to conserve heat, when they are sleeping. To do this, the animal will curl up in the fetal position and place their paw on top of its muzzle.

10. The polar bears front paws are very wide, with slightly webbed toes. This allows them to track through dense snow with ease.