Funny Facts You Did Not Know About Your Favorite Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedies tend to be a guilty pleasure. You watch them alone and do not tell anyone. Nonetheless, you know their storylines like the back of your hand. But, do you know their secrets?

1. Billy Bob Thorton and Hugh Grant had a love-hate relationship on the set of Love Actually. Hugh knew about Thorton’s fear of antiques, so he frequently freaked him out by showing him pieces of furniture.

2. At the beginning of the film When Happy Met Sally, the viewer sees married couples discussing their first meetings. Those couples and their stories are real. They were collected by the film’s director Rob Reiner.

3. Remember that beautiful necklace in Pretty Woman? It was actually worth 250,000 dollars! To make sure it didn’t get stolen, a security guard remained on set during the movie’s filming.

4. Pretty Woman is definitely a classic and most Americans have memorized the script at this point. However, the original script was far different and casted Vivian as a cocaine addict.

5. Remember when Dustin Hoffman shows up in The Holiday? Believe it or not, his cameo was unscripted. He just happened to be interested in what was happening on set and showed up unexpectedly.

6. The Clueless film is all about young girls, who are indeed clueless. The lead actress Alicia Silverstone wasn’t sure how to pronounce Haitians. The director made it clear the nobody would correct her.

7. In all likelihood, you remember the beautiful waterfront house in There’s Something About Mary. Unfortunately, the house was destroyed by a construction accident in 2008. Even worse is the fact that the accident killed 2 people and injured 5 more.

8. After the horrific 9/11 attack, the set of Two Weeks Notice nearly moved to Toronto. Nonetheless, a little persistence from Sandra Bullock ensured it staying in the Big Apple.