Fun Facts About The History Of Canadian Culture

Canada and the United States are commonly associated with one another. Nonetheless, they’re actually very different. Want to learn more about the history of Canadian Culture? Continue forward!

1. Canada has had a few successful authors over the years. Nonetheless, the first major success was Marshall Saunders. Her 1894 novel, Beautiful Joe, sold over a million copies.

2. Canadian culture has impacted the entire world. One of the country’s prisoners, who was arrested for counterfeiting money, went on to open a studio in New France. He was one of the first professional painters in the region.

3. During the early days, the Canadian art market was weak. Therefore, famed dealer James Spooner added a dog kennel and started selling tobacco to earn extra money.

4. Cinema is enormously common and popular in Canada today. However, it first arrived in the country in 1896, thanks to a traveling French showman.

5. Canada’s May Agnes Fleming was one of the most successful people in the 19th century. In fact, she became one of the highest-paid authors for the time.

6. Before Europeans arrived in Canada, aboriginals had been producing Canadian art for thousands of years. Many of these works have been preserved and are now on display in national museums.

7. Theatre in Canada was booming during the last 1800s. During the time, tourists flocked to the country during the summer months for this very reason.

8. Canada’s video game industry has grown substantially in the past few years. In fact, it now employs more people than any other country aside from Japan and the United States.

9. Canadians absolutely love their sports. Their favorite pastimes include Lacrosse, basketball, curling, and most importantly hockey.

10. Multiculturalism is incredibly important to Canadians. In fact, the Canadian government passed the Multiculturalism Act in 1988. The goal of the bill was to preserve and enhance the country’s diversity.