Facts That You Didn’t Know About The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys is undeniably one of the most popular sports teams in the world. They’re also one of the most successful in the NFL. Even if you’re a diehard fan of the team, it is highly unlikely that you’re aware of their secret history.

1. The Cowboys were founded in the 1960s after Lamar Hunt was unable to acquire an NFL franchise for the team. Hunt joined with the American Football League with the Texans. The NFL countered the move by creating their own Dallas team.

2. The Dallas Cowboys were the first team to play without taking part in the college draft.

3. The team was originally known as the Dallas Steers. They changed to the Dallas Rangers and eventually the Cowboys.

4. The Cowboys were terrible during their first season. They put together a depressing record of 0 win and 11 losses.

5. 1970 was the first year the Cowboys were able to advance to the Super Bowl. The team was then led by Craig Morton as the quarterback. Unfortunately, they lost to the Baltimore Colts, thanks to a late field goal by Jim O’Brien.

6. The team followed up a successful 1970 season with their first Super Bowl win in 1971. They also moved to the Texas Stadium during the same year.

7. The Dallas Cowboys is referred to as various nicknames. They include America’s Team, Big D and the Doomsday Defense.

8. To date, the Cowboys have appeared in the playoffs 32 times. They’ve won 5 Super Bowls and 10 conferences championships.

9. The team has played in three stadiums. They include the Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium and now the AT&T Stadium. They’ve been at the AT&T Stadium since 2009.

10. The Dallas Cowboys is actually the most valuable sports team on the planet. In 2019, the team generated a revenue over 950 million dollars! In 2019, the team was valued at approximately 5.5 billion dollars.