Facts About Comedy That Will Make You Laugh

Comedy has been around for an extremely long time. Many people turn to comedian acts, when they are feeling depressed and down. Comedians are known for taking risks, just to make the audience laugh.

1. According to a recent study, there are currently more than 100,000 comedians active today. This number includes comedians that do stand-up and those casted in comedy movies and TV shows.

2. The stand-up comedy stems back to the early 1900s, deriving from Vaudeville. People enjoyed comedy in that era, just as much as they do today.

3. The first comedian to break down the barriers of free speech in stand-up comedy was Lenny Bruce. Today, comedians take risks like never before.

4. Jerry Seinfeld was a perfectionist, who was compelled to rewrite his jokes up to 50 times, before finding a version that was suitable for him. When you consider this fact, you may wonder how many jokes Seinfeld could create over a lifetime, if they were only written once.

5. Stand-up comedy material falls into two categories, “new school” and “old school”. The new school stand-up comedy is also called performance-based comedy, while old school is known as word-based comedy.

6. Back in the day, when a new comedian was trying to score an on-stand performance, they would do just about anything to impress the manager. Some comedians have gone so far as to clean the toilets in a club, while another admitted to handing out fliers and answering phone calls.

7. Comedians often earn a percentage of drinks and food sold during a live show. However, they make a large portion of their money on merchandise, such as T-shirts, CDs and banners.

8. Today, there are so many comedians looking for a new gig that club owners do not have time to help them develop their careers. In fact, most club owners barely have time to run their own business, with many of them charging as much as $17 for a Cosmopolitan.