Crazy Facts About eBay That You Probably Did Not Know

Today, eBay is well known as being the most popular auction website in the world. You’ve probably sold your old valuables on the site, but there is still plenty that you do not know.

1. eBay wasn’t always known as eBay. In fact, the site was actually called AuctionWeb when it was launched in 1995.

2. At the time, the site’s founder, Pierre Omidyar, has several sites under the eBay Internet banner. The switch from AuctionWeb to eBay didn’t happen until 1997.

3. The eBay as you know it today didn’t exist until 1997. During this year, the company employed CKS Group to totally enhance their site and their company’s identity. CKS Group should be credited with creating the modern eBay logo and site layout.

4. Ever wonder what item was sold on the auction website first? Believe it or not, it was nothing more than a simple laser pointer. Even worse was the fact that it was broken. Nonetheless, a collector purchased the item for almost 15 bucks.

5. A week after the site launched, it had already gained success. A pair of underwear signed by Marky Mark sold for 400 bucks. And, a Superman lunchbox went for $22.

6. As an eBay user, you’ll understand that feedback is everything. In November of 2008, Jack Sheng became the first user to rack up a Feedback score of 1 million.

7. eBay eventually tried to take on Craigslist by creating their own classifieds website. By venturing over to eBay Classifieds, you can adopt your very own pet!

8. The auction website has been used to sell some very expensive items. Some of the most expensive items include a 1985 Piper Malibu airplane and a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

9. Today, it is very common for corporations to Tweet their earnings. eBay started the trend by letting their Twitter followers know about their success during the second quarter of 2010!