5 Pieces Of Technology That Won’t Exist After 20 Years

5 Pieces Of Technology That Won’t Exist After 20 Years

Technology has evolved massively over time. Without us knowing, it is constantly in a swirl of changes. It evolves so fast that a phone or laptop that you buy, considering “latest” has been several months old already. Things change and technology makes so many gadgets, come and go within a matter of years. Similarly, there are some pieces of technology that won’t exit after 20 years. Hard to believe? Well, once you look at these items, you are certainly going to be shocked. We have mentioned 5 pieces of technology that won’t exist after 20 years and it is quite shocking, to be honest.

Remote Controls

We all remember those frustrating search parades for our remote control that was hidden under the cushions. Gradually, they are becoming a piece of technology from the past. We have somehow moved ahead of remote controls and in the coming times, they will no longer exist. Smart television is connected to Wi-Fi and smartphones, decreasing the need for remote controls. Amazon Alexa and Google Home have evolved the theory of remote control and this piece of tech won’t exist after 20 years.

Credit Cards

The basic aim of inventing credit cards was to make payments more efficient and quick. The first-ever credit card came out in 1950. But that innovation story is almost 70 years old now and times are changing and technology is also changing quite fast. Big companies like McDonalds and Starbucks, along with some other, are already allowing you to pay through a phone tap. Why would you need a credit card for that? In the next 20 years, your payment system will be completely reliant on your smartphone and credit cards won’t exist.

Wired Phone Chargers

Wired phone chargers are already on their way out of the tech world as wireless charging is taking over. Imagine, not having to worry about your phone dying in the middle of nowhere? Sounds good right? Gradually, wireless charging will be the only medium of charging available. The time is not that far away now.


Cinema was a tech world innovation but the trend of going out, to watch a movie, is gradually coming to an end. A Lot of people do enjoy going out to the cinemas but the craze is slowly fading away. It is said that this piece of technology won’t exist in the coming 20 years and introverts would love this, for sure

Needle Injections

The needle injections are also nearing their end. So if you are afraid of them, pray that their end is near but they won’t exist after 20 years, for sure. Studies show that there are 2 major projects in progression for ending needle injections. Tech is creating something better for you all. One of the projects is a jet-injection which will inject the medicine in your skin, with the speed of lightning. This means that you won’t feel the pain at all. The second project involves capsules but that is still under consideration. However, the concept of needle injections is on its way out of the world of medicine and a lot of you might be excited about it.

There are a lot of other pieces of technology that won’t exist after 20 years. For instance, wallets, ATMs and metal keys etc. are also making their way out of the world of technology. But just remember, that they are being replaced by something smarter and better. So there isn’t much to worry about.

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